How to clean your bathroom

13 comments February 8th, 2013

  1. Climb into tub & fill with warm water while reading book.
  2. Decide to try out whirlpool.
  3. Add water to 1 inch above highest jets & press power button.
  4. Notice globs of mold shooting into water from unused jets.
  5. Realize water level should be 2 inches higher than jets.
  6. Watch jets fire-hosing water out of tub.
  7. Jump up & turn off jets (may take 2 tries).
  8. Vacate tub & run through house looking for towels, hoping nobody’s peeking in windows.
  9. Mop up floors, walls, doors, cabinets, mirrors, counter tops, sinks & toilet.
  10. Get in shower & rinse mold shards from body.

Coming soon… How to clean your bathtub



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