I hate when that happens

1 comment December 19th, 2010

I got a paper cut on the lip from licking an envelope today. At first I tried to pretend it hadn’t happened by clamping a hand over my mouth quickly. I can’t even see it, but I know it’s there because it hurts like heck. And all to save a few bucks on envelopes. Call me spoiled, but once the self-sticking envelopes came out, I was hooked. Sort of like buying your first automatic garage door opener—there’s no going back.

I’m all for economizing, but saving $1 on a box of 500 envelopes by getting the lick-it-yourself kind?  Not worth it in the long run. Not when you have to have reconstructive surgery from the paper cut. And it could have been avoided. I feel bad for the Smile International kids who really need this surgery. Send the Mercy Ship to those who really need it. And with all the blood thinners I’m taking, I could bleed out from it. So is it a savings? I think not.


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