Yippee skippee

10 comments July 18th, 2011

What brings me joy? These are a few of my favorite things.

  • Bubbles—don’t leave home without them. I love to blow bubbles while sitting at a long traffic light or at the gas pump while my tank is filling. Bubbles indoors add pizzazz to any meeting. I keep small wedding-sized bubbles in purse, car and desk for those impromptu moments. Every day is better with bubbles!
  • Kites—they’re not just for March anymore. I carry two kites plus string in the back of my car just in case. And I like to sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” loudly while flying them.  Today’s kites seem easier to fly than my childhood version—you don’t have to run to get them aloft.
  • Words like aloft. I collect words that start with A. It all started with the old riddle: When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar.  When is a kite not a kite? When it’s aloft.
  • Breathing. I take one-minute breathing breaks in long store checkout lines. I pretend I’m on a mini-vacation and give thanks that those fussy kids aren’t mine. Bubbles help with fussy kids, by the way.
  • Skipping. I love skipping! …or I should say, I love the idea of skipping. Adult skippers look a little weird, especially if they are holding hands with their fellow skippees, but that’s okay. You can find skipping clubs online. For instance: Minnesota Skipping Club. Skipping is fun, it’s free, and it makes me smile.

PS: I just went outside and tried skipping. It was fun as advertized, but I may have to start a local chapter for Skippers with Depends.


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