Just shoot me

2 comments November 16th, 2010

Most people have a bucket list—cool things they want to do someday. But I’ve got another kind of list. 

I call it the Just Shoot Me List, as in “Just shoot me if I ever say I’ll do that again.”

When people ask, “Why did you say you’d do it in the first place?” all I can say is, “It sounded good at the time.”

But it usually takes more blood, sweat and tears than I bargained for and it takes me way too long to recover afterwards. Then, like childbirth, I quickly forget the pain.

Thus, the list.

I can’t tell you everything that’s on it right now because I might offend someone. But trust me, the list is growing. Things on the list may involve an entire day of air travel and a week in a bad hotel. Or weeks of shopping, cooking, and cleaning for an event that’s over in a blink of an eye. Or camping.

Here’s an example that’s safe to tell. When I took up blogging, everyone said it’d be great. Now I find I’m bad at blogging and a failure at Facebook. Next time, just shoot me!


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